I Know You’re Out There My Friends!

I just read one brilliant post titled 'freelancer’s guide to sales: making friends'. You guessed it right, the article is about building relationships and making friends, and it really is worth reading. Here's a quick excerpt from Shane's article: Most of our gigs don’t land on the initial contact, nor the second, not even the third. They come from having built a relationship with someone and being top of … [Read more...]

How To Prepare Your Business For A Kick-A$$ 2008

While most people are winding down for the holidays, you should be making December an action-packed month to build your business so that you hit the ground running in 2008. Here are 5 great tips that will put you ahead of the competition on January 1 - and beyond. Tip #1 - Plan Out Your Yearly Goals in December, and Look At Them Every Freakin' Day. Here's a tip: "Do better this year" doesn't count. If you want … [Read more...]

Improve Your Professional Productivity – Get Rid Of Distractions

Do you often feel that you are doing everything under the sun but the actual work? You know, the activity that gets you money? Distractions can be a big problem when you work on your own: although you have deadlines and commitments there is nobody breathing down your neck to see what you are actually doing. You never realize when you stop your work and start playing an online game, chatting with someone you … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

It is often said we learn more from mistakes than successes. Sometimes it is nice to learn from another persons goofs rather than your own! Every freelancer will have their own stories to tell, here are mine. I hope you find them useful and maybe you will share your own in the comments. 1. Under-pricing Most of us will have done this at some point, many of us still do. Money is a difficult subject for a lot … [Read more...]

Ahh! Those Slow Months!

Unless you're some kind of super-hero (or should I say, "freelancer extraordinaire"), chances are you'll find yourself without a gig for a week (or a month) at some point in your freelance career. It happens, it's not fun, but there are things you can do to actually take advantage of the slow weeks/months and still make ends meet. You know, those times when you simply cannot find a contract, you call everyone … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

Every freelancer should have a website. Period. Whether you're a journalist, writer, designer or musician doesn't matter, I strongly believe you should have your own place on the web. That is a no-brainer. Of course people will see your website, since you will put the address on your business cards, and you will tell them about it. In fact you really want them to check it out, so they can have a look at … [Read more...]

Getting The Word Out – Making Word Of Mouth Happen

When a client of yours recommends your services to someone, you know it is because that client enjoyed working with you. Word of mouth and networking will always work great, especially for freelancers, who most often then not, won't spend thousands of dollars on advertisement. [...] Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and … [Read more...]

Give Your Clients Good Enough Reasons To Do Business With You Again

We all want repeated business, but sometimes it happens you deliver a project, and you never hear from that person ever again, although you know you worked hard, and your work is quality. Repeated business is critical to your success as a freelancer. If you're serious about making a living from your freelancing activities maybe you should try to get your customers to think of you when they want to get things … [Read more...]

Taking Task Management, Brainstorming and Social Networking A Step Further

I have a feeling many of you freelancers and entrepreneurs will like this. Scot from Meridian Crest sent me an invite for a new service called 8apps, they're in beta right now, but it looks really promising. I've been playing around with 8apps for a couple of days now, and thought I could write about it. I'm really starting to like 8apps, and thought you would like it too. Here it is. If, after reading … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Your Next Interview

Sometimes getting a job can be harder than doing the actual job itself. How many times have you said, “I’d be perfect for that position” only to miss the opportunity? There are a lot of keys to getting the job you want – networking, a strong resume and cover letter, etc. The final step and the one you have the most control over is the interview. Interviewing is a skill unto itself and being good at it can be the … [Read more...]