Taking Task Management, Brainstorming and Social Networking A Step Further

8Apps - Social Networking, Brainstorming, Productivity Tool

I have a feeling many of you freelancers and entrepreneurs will like this. Scot from Meridian Crest sent me an invite for a new service called 8apps, they’re in beta right now, but it looks really promising.

I’ve been playing around with 8apps for a couple of days now, and thought I could write about it. I’m really starting to like 8apps, and thought you would like it too. Here it is.

If, after reading this post, you feel 8apps is something you could use, and you think you could get something out of it, I have 45 invites left, so simply leave a comment on this post, and I’ll send an invite to your e-mail address.

So What Is 8Apps?

It’s many things. Basically, 8apps consists of a bunch of productivity tools, all rolled into one, with a social networking vibe. A “nice to have” for you freelancers, who manage many things at once, and who could benefit from being more productive.

We all know how how important it is to network with other like-minded people. Social networking (online and offline) is part of my daily life, this is how I find most of my contracts/gigs, and 8apps can make it easier.

Right now, there are 4 applications available (more to come, it’s called 8apps!)


This is the social networking part. You can find people to work with and collaborate online. It’s similar to other social networking sites, you can add friends/contacts, send messages and browse the directory using keywords/interests. You can also create and join groups.



Blueprint is the brainstorming and mind-mapping tool, you can also invite friends/partners to participate.



A simple, yet effective way to arrange meetings. And there is also a Google Map on there, it’s fun to know in what part of the world your collaborators and coworkers are located.



A task management app, as simple as that. You can, of course, share your list with your contacts.


Better Productivity

So far I cannot say 8apps helped improve my productivity, but I assume if you use it on a daily basis you can get really interesting results. A lot of productivity apps and websites are available, and I’ve tried and tested many, and honestly they’re all similar. What caught my attention with this one is the social networking integration, which is a fantastic idea in my opinion.

Another alternative would be the highly popular 37Signals website. We will write about it in a future post.

Instead of using an app only to brainstorm, manage your time and a to-do list, and arrange meetings, you can invite people to contribute to a project, share ideas and help you out. Making project management a lot easier (provided your contacts are on 8apps).

The social networking side of 8apps is what makes it really interesting in my opinion (and as I wrote above I tried many). I also have to say the interface is slick, and intuitive (and it’s free). :)

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