Ten Reasons You Should Learn MS-Visio

After almost fifteen years in the Information Technology field, I have come to respect both out of the box ($$) and open-source programs. However, there is one product which goes unmatched by open-source competition, and that is Microsoft Visio. It is relatively cheap and easy to use and will boost your software efforts in all ways. Here are ten reasons why you should start putting MS-Visio to work at your business or in your studies if you are a student:

  1. Brainstorming. Visio has a powerful template that allows for simple brainstorming and the recording of ideas. Simply tremendous.
  2. Block Diagramming. Visio has a powerful template that allows you to subdivide your ideas and represent them in “blocks”. Indeed, to divide is to conquer.
  3. Business Processes. Visio has a great template that enables you to graphically illustrates all business processes that your company or project entail. Incredible!
  4. Charts and Graphs. Visio allows you to further analyze your financial data that are best displayed via charts and graphs. This is a real decision-making helper.
  5. Flowcharts. This Visio template allows you to create flowcharts for all internal and external processes you need to troubleshoot. I use this daily as a Technical Writer.
  6. Organizational Charts. This Visio template is not only for business structures, but for any kind of hierarchical topology that must be defined.
  7. Software. This Visio template allows you to recognize all software programs you use and how they relate to one another. Great for any overhaul project.
  8. Networks. Do you need to detail your computer network and where virtual resources exist for your employees? If so, then this template is for you.
  9. Project Scheduler. Are you a project manager? Are you a student juggling classes and commitments? If so, then this template is for you.
  10. Web Diagramming. Are you building a website? Do you need to display its topology for any reason? If so, then this template is for you. (Kudos for this template.)




About the author: Keith Johnson is a Technical Writer from South-Florida with over ten (10) years of experience writing on-line and hard-copy software user manuals. Keith practices affirmations and meditation to stay well – mentally and physically – and has written a book on each of these areas. The books’ websites are: Sacred Syllable and Great Affirmations, respectively.