Thank-You to Our April Advertisers

Do you have trouble finding the right resources to help you in freelance business? It can be difficult weeding through all the various products targeted to freelancers.

At Freelance Folder we have the good fortune to have some extraordinary companies supporting the blog. Our advertisers provide services and products that are vital to freelancing success. Trust us, these companies know and understand freelancing. We would definitely recommend checking them out.

Here’s the complete list of our wonderful advertisers:

Thank-You to Our Advertisers

IAC-EZ is both our premium sponsor and a truly great company to work with. Their online service is made for freelancers who aren’t familiar with bookkeeping or who dislike working with numbers and, between you and me, we really like their system. When FreelanceFolder opened up the premium sponsorship, the first company we approached was IAC-EZ–we had worked with their software and really thought they would be a good fit for freelancers. If you’re in need of a more efficient way to keep track of your books, we highly recommend checking these guys out.

clutterpadClutterpad is a project management tool that lets you work with other freelancers. Your freelancing team can get your project organized simply and easily with this fabulous tool.

freelancewritingjobs Freelance Writing Jobs is a lively community full of writers helping writers. This site works hard to find and share job leads, tips, and other information with freelance writers.

Outright helps small business owners get their finances in order and prepare for taxes. This free online bookkeeping tool helps you to organize your income and your expenses.

activeCollab activeCollab lets you work with a team, clients, or contractors in an easy to use environment with full control of your data. It lets you plan and track projects while controlling your data.

freshbooksFreshBooks is designed to deliver fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services. It keeps your data safe, secure, and accessible to you. Plus, everyone gets the upgrades.

menwithpensMen with Pens is the web design and copywriting team whose persuasive words help you make more sales. It is a one-stop shop, providing branding, design, copywriting and WordPress services. can help you to project a professional image for a reasonable price. Turn to this trusted leader in online printing for your business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes and much more.