Thank-You to Our October Advertisers

It’s October. You’re probably thinking about pumpkins, Halloween, and Fall bonfires. Don’t let all the Fall excitement keep you from checking into resources that might help freelancing business.

At Freelance Folder we are lucky to have some high-quality companies supporting the blog. In fact, it’s the support of these companies that allows us to provide you with great information about freelancing that you need. Our advertisers provide excellent services and products that are vital to freelancing success. Trust us, these companies know and understand freelancing. We would definitely recommend checking them out.

Here’s the complete list of our wonderful October advertisers:

Thank-You to Our Advertisers

Make A Product provides you with what you need to know to create income producing products. This valuable course will teach you how to create products that can produce passive income. Save time and money with this valuable course.

activeCollab activeCollab lets you work with a team, clients, or contractors in an easy to use environment with full control of your data. It lets you plan and track projects while controlling your data.

MichaelForce can help you earn more. He and his wife have earned thousands of dollars every month for the last four years. Now, he’s ready to teach you how to do the same thing. In fact, Michael is willing to let you carbon copy his methods. Claim your own test drive kit.

freshbooksFreshBooks is designed to deliver fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services. It keeps your data safe, secure, and accessible to you. Plus, everyone gets the upgrades.

Sensationaljobs is a great way for freelancers to connect with gigs. This web development job board is very easy to use, but at the same time includes rich and powerful features to help you in your job search. The site owners are familiar with both sides of the job seeking process, having over a decade of experience.

menwithpensMen with Pens is the web design and copywriting team whose persuasive words help you make more sales. It is a one-stop shop, providing branding, design, copywriting and WordPress services.

wpBids is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of WordPress to create beautiful, professional hand-crafted proposals. You can customize your professional proposals by choosing specific colors or themes. It is also optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and for print.

Paymo helps freelancers keep track of the time that it takes to work on a project. It can be used to generate invoices or help you create more accurate project estimates. Choose between a business team or an individual version.

MOO provides unique preimum business cards that will immediately catch they eye of your prospective client. Make the right first impression with these attractive two-sided cards. A big plus is that graphic artists and other freelancers can create their own custom business card design.