The Best of FreelanceFolder: Our Top 10 Resources for Getting Clients

Nearly all freelancers face the problem of finding new clients. Whether you’re just getting started as a freelancer, or you’ve been freelancing for decades: getting clients is the backbone of any business.

Over the years at FreelanceFolder we’ve written dozens (if not hundreds) of articles on how to get clients, how to find better clients, and how to keep clients coming back for more. As our way to kick off Client Week here at FreelanceFolder, we’ve taken the best of these posts and created a list of our top 10 resources for getting clients.

Let’s take a look:

Top 10 FreelanceFolder Articles for Finding Clients

We’ve tapped into the collective wisdom of the FreelanceFolder writers to bring you the best and most useful articles we’ve published. Here’s a list of our top ten (plus) resources to help you get more clients:

  1. How To Build the Ultimate Job Finding Dashboard with iGoogle
    The Internet is a great tool for finding jobs, but searching it can be a bit intimidating. Mason Hipp’s clever tool makes use of iGoogle to automate your job search.
  2. How to Really Use Twitter to Find More Freelance Work
    Are you on Twitter? Did you know you can use Twitter to find clients? Here’s how.
  3. 5 Kinds of Blog Posts That Attract Clients
    Do you have a business blog? If so, Lexi Rodrigo teaches you which types of posts attract clients.
  4. How to Approach Big Clients
    Big clients tend to have big projects that can keep you busy for a long time. However, many freelancers are afraid to approach big companies when looking for work. Here are some steps to take.
  5. Five Simple Tactics to Find New Clients
    Classic advice on how to find new clients. Read this carefully to make sure that you haven’t forgotten any of these techniques.
  6. 3 Ways To Get Clients From Twitter
    More savvy tips for freelancers who use Twitter from Mason Hipp.
  7. How to Find Work Without Using the Freelance Job Boards
    The job boards are the first stop for many freelancers who are looking for projects. Sadly, they are sometimes the last stop as well. Deb Ng shares various sources where you can look for freelancing jobs.
  8. 5 Steps to Winning Any Client Project
    This great post takes you through all of the crucial steps to winning a new client — from getting your foot in the door to closing the deal.
  9. How to Find Freelance Jobs through Effective Forum Networking
    Forums can be an untapped resource for finding high-quality clients. This post explains how to use forum networking to build relationships and uncover these leads.
  10. From Budget to Quality: Transitioning to High-Dollar Jobs
    High-dollar jobs are the freelancer’s Holy Grail. Everyone seems to be looking for them, but not everyone can find them. Tim Wasson explains how you can make the transition from budget jobs to high-dollar jobs.
  11. Retention During The Recession: 20 Ways to Get And Keep More Clients
    We may be recovering from a recession, but there are still things that freelancers can do to find clients. Mike Smith shares some of his top tips.
  12. How to Use Elance and Guru to Land That Client Every Time
    Bidding sites such as Elance and Guru can be a great job hunting resource if you know what you’re doing. Tim Wasson discusses what to look for on a bidding site and what to look out for.

We’ve listed over ten excellent resources from the FreelanceFolder archives, but there are still even more tips to share:

A Few Bonus Tips for Finding New Clients

Here are a few more pointers about getting new clients:

  • Always put your very best foot forward. First impressions do count–that means your website, your social media presence, and any contact that you make with a potential client should be top-notch and professional.
  • Persistence pays off. Getting clients is a numbers game. The more prospects you contact the more new clients you will eventually have. Sticking with it and being patient works, especially in this economy where competition for clients is fierce.
  • Don’t neglect current and past clients. Time and again, one of the most effective ways of getting new clients is through referrals from current and past clients. Make sure that your current clients stay satisfied to keep your references strong.

Share Your Advice

We’ve shared some of FreelanceFolder’s best collective advice on getting new clients. What about you? How do you find new clients for your freelancing business?

Join the discussion by sharing your very best tips and methods for finding clients in the comments.


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