The Client Machine: A Sneak Preview

[tweetmeme] Last week we introduced a new product called The Client Machine, an incredibly robust WordPress Theme that is designed to help freelancers get more and better clients.

After a lot of hard work, I’m happy to show you a few preview images of what the theme will look like. In the next few weeks we’ll be showing you more and more about The Client Machine, including a full demonstration site, but for now this should help tide you over :-)

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The Client Machine Homepage(s)

The Client Machine has two homepage layouts that you can choose from: one with an avatar or character like the above image, and one with a feature rotator like the image below.

The really cool thing about both of these layouts is their flexibility: you can choose from over 15 different little character images, and on the lower portion of the pages (click for larger preview) you can chose to include or leave out any of the different sections. For example, a freelance writer might want to keep all of the text paragraphs and go with the character layout of the homepage, whereas a freelance photographer may wish to go with the feature rotator and use the portfolio sections of the page. It’s all up to you :-)

(click the above images for larger previews)

Proposals, Invoices, and More…

The Client Machine is not like other WordPress themes — it uses practically every advanced feature WordPress has to create a theme that’s like a swiss-army knife for freelancers. There are tons of layouts, options, and choices — and it can work for just about type any freelancer.

Here’s the list of templates we’re currently working with:

  • Two homepage layouts
  • A Portfolio layout
  • Proposal template
  • Invoicing templates (right in WordPress!)
  • Blog Template
  • Services page, contact page, and other little stuff

Here’s one of my favorite parts of The Client Machine, the proposal template:

Inside the administration area you’ll be able to create and edit these very easily — this theme makes makes sending beautiful proposals (and winning clients) a piece of cake.

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