The Freelancer’s iPhone

Freelancers can never totally disconnect. We’ve got to be around for client emergencies, constantly keep up on social networking and email, and get some work done while away from the computer.

There’s no better portable tool for handling all these things than my beloved iPhone. I would sooner leave the house without pants than without my iPhone, and it’s become one of the most important tools in my arsenal for productivity and efficiency.

In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite iPhone apps that help to make my iPhone so important to my freelance work. I’ll give you the chance to share your favorite apps too.

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Below are the list of apps that I could not live without on my iPhone.

  • Billings –Amber mentioned Billings desktop in her article on apps that every freelancer needs. I also use Billings to keep track of clients and projects, and Billings Touch allows me to keep all my invoices, clients and more in my pocket, all the time. There’s also handy ways to track mileage, create and send invoices while on location, and more. While the app is free, if you want to be able to wirelessly synch to the desktop client, that functionality will set you back about $14.99.
  • 1Password–As a web designer and developer, I have many, many passwords to keep track of. I just counted 14 separate GoDaddy logins that I maintain for my clients. I use the desktop version of 1Password to keep track of my various logins to various websites, and the iPhone version allows you to take all those logins with you to use at any computer or on the iPhone itself. The standard version is $6.99, or get the Pro version for 14.99.
  • Evernote–This is a free app, both the desktop and iPhone version, and has become an invaluable part of my workflow. You can take photo notes, typed notes or voice notes that are synced to your desktop wirelessly. If you’re as forgetful as I am, this app will change your life and make you much more efficient.
  • Dropbox–Similar to Evernote, this app is free on the desktop and iPhone and allows access to all those important files that you need. Although viewing files is limited to just images, PDFs and text documents, other types of documents can be emailed to contacts. It also allows uploading photos or movies to your Dropbox account to be accessed at your computer.
  • Analytics Lite–I have set up my Google Analytics account to track all my websites traffic. This free app will let me access that directly and see how much traffic I’m getting, where its coming from and more. While not as full-featured as the Analytics website itself, it gives great information for you to take with you on the go. I can also whip out my iPhone at client meetings and show them traffic and sample reports as a sales tool, to show them how valuable and important a website is.
  • Twitter for iPhone –Formally a paid app named Tweetie, Twitter bought the app and is now distributing it for free. I’ve tried nearly all the Twitter apps, and this one is the best, by far. Don’t cut off your social media marketing just because you’re away from the computer.
  • Calendar –I use MobileMe synching to wirelessly update my calendar on my computer and my iPhone, but even without the synching the calendar is invaluable for keeping track of meetings and deadlines. This is a free app on a stock iPhone.
  • Maps–This freebie app is installed on every iPhone. Use if it you get lost on your way to an important client meeting, or figure out how long it will take to get there. First impressions count, so be on time!

Need to find more iPhone apps? Here are 25 more.

What About You?

I know many freelancers rely on their iPhones to keep them in touch with the world while they’re away from the computer. What apps do you use to stay productive and efficient while away?

Do you use another type of smart phone such as the Droid? Feel free to share your favorite apps for that here as well.

Image by William Hook