A Freelancer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Christmas-Wish-ListIt’s that time of the year again — kids are making Christmas lists and dreaming about what they’ll receive on Christmas morning. I thought it was time that we shared our own version of what many freelancers might like to receive.

I’ve tweeted this question on Twitter and we’ve talked about it on the Freelance Folder Fan Page.

Based partially on those responses and also on what I would like to receive myself, I’ve created the Freelancer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List. I think many freelancers will be able to relate to my list of freelancing wishes.

The Freelancing Wish List

Here are some items that many freelancers would love to receive as a gift this year:

  1. More Clients/Better Clients — Based on the feedback I’ve received as well as my own experience, many freelancers wish for more clients and/or higher paying clients.
  2. More Time — What freelancer couldn’t use some additional time? In some cases better time management is the answer, but other times we really just need a few extra hours in the day.
  3. New Computer and Other Equipment — Who wouldn’t like a better computer, or at least another one? I just got a new computer not too long ago, but now I am tempted to get a Netbook for convenience when I travel.
  4. Mobile Devices — Most freelancers want the freedom to be mobile. Even if a freelancer doesn’t actually travel much, it’s nice to have the option. That’s why mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberries have made it onto this freelancing wish list.
  5. ebook reader — There are many devices on the market that will allow you to load books electronically. I’d love to have one of these devices with me the next time I sit in a doctor’s waiting room or fly on a plane. (The smaller the device, the better…)
  6. Software Apps — I’d love to have better software apps. I think 2010 will have to be the year that I get better invoicing software. I’m also interested in speech recognition software. What software are you interested in?
  7. Books — I have a long list of books (ebooks and otherwise) that I’d like to get. (If you haven’t already gotten the Freelance Folder books — The Unlimited Freelancer and How to Start a Freelance Writing Business — it’s not too late to add them to your Christmas wish list.)

Your Turn

I’ve shared my Christmas wish list with you. What would you like to receive as a gift for your freelancing business this year?

Add to the freelancing wish list by leaving your answers in the comments.

Image by ginnerobot