An Ideal Holiday Gift List for Freelance Writers

Ideal Gifts for Freelance WritersThe holidays are upon us once again. Believe it or not, one of my favorite things about this time of the year is finding the perfect gifts for everyone on my list.

If you have freelance writers on your gift list, then read on. I asked my freelance writer friends and readers what they wanted that would help them succeed as freelancers and came up with this blog post. (But while this list is specifically for writers, other freelancers would love to receive some of the items here as well.)

Here are the top 10 things freelance writers want to see underneath their Christmas trees:


Here is the top computer choice for freelance writers:

  1. A laptop–The ubiquitous tool of freelancers, a laptop helps us get our work done no matter where we are. Some freelancers prefer Macs, other PCs. Either way, a laptop is an indispensable piece of freelancing equipment.
  2. A desktop–While we love our laptops, our desktop is every freelancer’s main machine. If the freelance writer on your list has a Jurassic computer, they’ll love you for getting them a brand new desktop.

Mobile Gadgets

The freelancing world is going mobile. Here are some mobile devices freelancers want:

  1. iPad 2–The iPad is fast replacing the laptop for mobile computing. Since owning an iPad, I’ve stopped bringing my laptop on out-of-town trips. An iPad is an excellent productivity tool that helps us have lots of fun besides.
  2. iPhone or other smart phone–I have to admit, this is on my Christmas wish list! Earlier this year, I bought a smart phone but not an iPhone, thinking I didn’t need one because I already have an iPod Touch and iPad. Well, I was wrong and now I admit it. An iPhone or similar smart phone helps freelancers stay in touch with prospects and clients. For me, it’s also useful for creating content on the go. Bloggers need to be able to take pictures and videos on the fly. With a smart phone, we can do so without stuffing our purses (or pockets) with various gadgets.
  3. Kindle Fire–Some consider this latest mobile device from Amazon to be the first competitor of the iPad. Writers have a lot of reading to do, and this e-reader makes reading so easy and pleasurable, no matter where we happen to be. But the Kindle Fire is much more than an e-reader. It’s WiFi enabled, plays music and videos, and has apps as well.

Computer Peripherals

Computer add-ons make great gifts for freelancers:

  1. Bluetooth Keyboard–The only way to get any serious writing done with an iPad is with a bluetooth keyboard. If the freelance writer on your list already has an iPad, help them take it to the next level with a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. Some are built into a protective iPad case, making it even more convenient.
  2. USB Microphone–Why do writers need a good microphone? The better to Skype clients with, my dear. Not to mention have webinars, record video and audio, and create all sorts of other content. My choice of USB microphones is the Yeti by Blue Microphones.


No freelancing wish list would be complete without software…

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking–This speech recognition software turns audio into text. It’s a nifty tool for writers who are tired of typing in front of a computer, coming up with great snippets of writing at odd hours of the day, or simply having a better “voice” speaking than typing. When I injured my hand last year, I didn’t panic, because I knew I’d be able to keep writing using this software (but fortunately the injury turned out to be not that serious at all).
  2. Cloud Storage–Freelancers need to store a lot of data and keep it safe for months, even years. I don’t know about you, but I spend a fortune every month to keep my data backed up, safe, and synchronized. Any freelancer, not just writers, would appreciate getting the cost of cloud storage taken care of, if only for a few months.

Office Furniture

The holidays can be a great time for a freelancer to redecorate the home office. Here is a furniture gift idea:

  1. Stand-Up Desk–Did you know, writing can be hazardous to your health? It’s true. According to a study published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, people who sat most of the day had a 54% increased risk to have a heart attack. Therefore, a stand-up desk can literally save a freelance writer’s life. I use and love my GeekDesk, but there are many other stand-up desks available. If you’re handy, you can even make one yourself. Add an ergonomic chair while you’re at it.

Bonus Gift

Every freelance writer would love to receive one of these…

  1. Amazon Gift Card–A gift card is usually considered to be a thoughtless gift, an easy way out for the last-minute shopper who has run out of time and ideas. But the truth is, freelance writers actually WANT an Amazon gift card. We have plenty of books to read, not just for our own pleasure, but to help us be better writers and freelancers. For this reason, I wanted to make sure to mention a bookstore gift card in this list.

What’s On Your Wish List?

If you’re a freelance writer, does this list reflect your own wish list for the holidays? If not, what would you like to add?

If you’re not a writer but do other types of freelancing, let us know what you want for Christmas, too. You never know who might be reading!

Image by shimelle