The One Question Your Prospects Really Want You to Answer

Many freelancers struggle to get new clients. You may be facing this struggle right now.

In fact, “How Do I Get Clients?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that freelancers ask. So, if you’re a freelancer who is struggling with the very real problem of getting clients, know that you’re not alone.

There are many effective tactics that you can use to find new clients, but in the end it all boils down to answering just one simple question.

In this post, I’ll let you know exactly what that question is and explain why (and how) you must answer it.

It’s Not About You

It might seem like your freelancing business is all about you. After all, you probably started your freelancing business so that you could fulfill one or more of your dreams. You do all the work. You receive the pay. It would seem to make sense if your freelancing business were all about you. But, it’s not.

While freelancing may allow you to live the life of your goals and dreams, your freelancing business won’t survive if fulfilling your goals and dreams is all that your business about.

You see, your prospective clients really don’t care whether you are living the life of your dreams. They probably don’t spend any time thinking about your life and your goals. That’s just not what they’re interested in.

So, what are your prospective clients interested in? What do your prospective clients really want to know?

Ultimately, there’s just one thing that they want to know…

What Can You Do for Me?

It’s really that simple.

Answer this question, and you’ll get more clients. Fail to answer it and you won’t.

Of course, your clients don’t mind if you manage to fulfill your own dreams while you meet their needs. They’re not coldhearted (at least most of them aren’t). But in the end, they want to know how they’ll benefit from hiring you. And you’d better know how to answer the question if you want to stay in business as a freelancer.

How to Answer the One Question

I used a key word to answering this very important question above. Can you spot it?

It’s the word “benefits.” Communicating benefits to your prospects is the key to winning them over to being clients.

To really answer the question in the way that your prospects want, you need to present yourself in terms of the benefits that you’ll provide to them. Surprisingly, many freelancers fail to do this with their marketing.

Here is a (fictional) example of how a fictional designer named “Joe” markets himself. It’s similar to the marketing efforts many freelancers use.

“Joe Smith is a graphic designer with over 12 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Joe has a degree in Design. Here is the link to Joe’s portfolio.”

Did you notice something about the paragraph above?

Yep. That example was all about “Joe.” It started with his name and went on to list facts about him. A potential client would have to guess about any benefits they might get from hiring “Joe.” And most clients won’t make that extra effort.

Here’s a better example of how “Joe” could market himself (and still convey the same information):

“You need unique, eye-popping images that will immediately set your marketing materials apart from the rest. Joe Smith has the talent (portfolio link) and experience (12 years providing designs for Fortune 500 companies) to deliver what you need to stand out in a crowded market.”

Do you see the difference? The second example starts with what “Joe” is going to do for his clients and goes on to explain how the client will benefit.

Which “Joe” would you rather hire? The “Joe” of the first example, or the “Joe” of the second example?

What to Do Now

Take an immediate look at your freelancing website and any marketing materials that you use.

Are your marketing materials about you? Or, are they about the benefits that you can offer to your prospective clients?

If your marketing materials are about you, you know what you need to change…

What Do You Think?

Have you upgraded your marketing from being about you to being about the benefits you offer to your clients?

Give some examples of how you reworded your marketing (before and after, similar to the “Joe” example) in the comments below.

Image by milos milosevic