The Strangest Secret for Succeeding in a Tough Economy

secretsTalk to enough people at the local coffee shop or watch enough late-night news and you’ll think the sky is falling. Fast!

Unemployment doesn’t seem to be improving. Families are losing their homes. Businesses are going under.

I’d say the pessimism among many freelancers I talk with is at a five-year high. In fact, until last year, I’ve never heard the words “starving” and “freelancer” used so frequently in a sentence. Many are even using their struggle as a badge of honor! (Sorry…but when did being broke become “cool”?)

The Sky Is NOT Falling

Well, I hate to break the news, but it’s not all doom-and-gloom, folks. Yes, I recognize that many people are in financial trouble right now. I’m not blind to reality. But, just as thousands of businesses are going under, thousands are also doing very well despite the troubled economy.

A few weeks ago, I talked to the vice president of company that is having its best year in its 14-year history. Impressive, considering that this company manufactures a high-end specialty consumer product (not a necessity by any means).

I also have a client that’s currently in serious growth mode. This company hired five new sales reps recently and brought in a VP of business development. Its prospects have never looked brighter.

Who are these companies? They’re smart businesses that have found a way to rise to the top of their respective industries, despite the slump in the general economy. And many of them need freelancers NOW. Either because they can’t handle all the work internally or because they don’t want to add full-time employees right now.

As a result, many freelance professionals—both new and established—are doing anywhere from OK to very, very well.

The Strangest Secret

What do you need to do to join this elite group of thriving freelancers? I don’t have all the answers. And even if I did, the answers to that question could fill an entire book.

But, I do know this: Attitude matters…more than you might think.

I learned this timeless secret almost 20 years ago from the dean of self-improvement, Earl Nightingale, when I heard him say, “You become what you think about.” (Nightingale called it “the strangest secret.” And his program by the same name is responsible for launching the super-successful company Nightingale-Conant.)

I find that the older I get, the better I understand the power of that statement and how relevant it is today, especially considering the negative environment we’re living in.

Fact is, you attract what you dwell on. If you dwell on economic panic and financial strife, you will get more of that. However, if you choose to approach each day with confident expectation and a joyful attitude, you will start attracting more positive outcomes to your life.

It’s not just me who believes this. The Law of Attraction has been around forever. In fact, the most successful people I know go about their daily work with a positive, can-do attitude. And they somehow stumble upon opportunity after opportunity. This reinforces their winning attitude, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your Choice

These are challenging times for many people. No doubt about it. But whatever you do, don’t fall prey to all the negativity floating around, even if you’re in financial straits right now. Nothing good will come out of that.

Instead, try (as best you can) to stay focused on your goals. Stay focused on success. Use each little win (no matter how small) as the fuel for tackling the next obstacle.

Before you know it, you will have created a vicious cycle of positive outcomes. Plus, you’ll be well on your way to longer-term freelance success.

Tell Us Your Story!

Have you developed a winning mindset—one that has enabled you to overcome great business challenges?

How do you maintain this attitude when your current situation doesn’t seem to warrant such a positive outlook?

Image by soylentgreen23