The Violent Truth Of Freelance Sales

You Can Do It - SalesSuccessful freelancers sell.

While there are any number of things that will kill a freelance business, the inability to convince anyone to hire your services is right up toward the top.

Yet, somehow, many freelancers are intimidated by the idea of the sale. Why all this trepidation? Maybe you see your competitors, for example, charging atrociously low rates, and you fear your rates are too high. It could be you’re afraid of the rejection that comes with a failed pitch. In some cases, maybe you just don’t like dealing with people.

You’ll never make it as a freelancer if you don’t get over your fears, get out of your comfort zone and knock on some doors. Your writing does no one service if it sits on your computer alone.

There’s hope, though. There are things you can do to push your sales game to the next level. Keep these five truths in mind when you set out to sell:

Your Service Has Value

If you’re a freelancer, you work in an area with tremendous demand. Like I’ve said before, there is plenty of work out there to find. You just have to go get it. People want to buy what you have.

Beyond that, though, your USP – your unique selling proposition – adds value to that service. Don’t ever be ashamed or afraid of telling someone about the value of your service.

Your Client Needs The Value Your Service Provides

I know some brilliant folks who can’t write their way out of a paper bag. Likewise, my design skills suck. No one in small business can do it all. Clients need us to do the things they can’t do, so they can focus on their areas of expertise.

Sometimes, You’ve Got To Point Out The Client’s Need

Not every client knows they need you, however. Some clients truly believe that their banner looks just fine the way it is, or that their attempt at a landing page is sufficient. Yet, they scratch their head wondering why their product isn’t selling.

It’s up to you to tell your client why he needs you.

Not Every Pitch Results In A Sale

Look, I get that some freelance folks just don’t have the sales bug. You want to design, write or do whatever you do. That’s grand. The reality of the situation is, though, that you’re in business for yourself. You have to sell, and you have to do it well if you’re going to succeed as a freelancer.

Every Pitch Does Produce Results

Sometimes, you’ll spend an hour on the phone with a client and follow it up with four different proposals only to have the client flake. Sometimes, you just flub up your pitch. In either case, there’s a lesson to be learned. Don’t spend an hour on the phone. Don’t give more than two proposals to an untested client.

If the problem is with your pitch, see it an opportunity to learn. Read (or reread) Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale. Spend some time reading about sales tactics, or polishing your standard sales letter. Heck, follow your own advice and hire a freelance copywriter to write your sales letter for you.

Why This Truth Is A Violent Truth?

At Freelance Folder, I write about Violent Truths. What is a violent truth? Simply put, it is truth with power. It is truth that has power enough to shatter false idols and myths, but it is also truth that has the power to reconstruct reality around itself.

The truth of freelance sales is this: The service you offer meets a client’s felt need. Your work increases their bottom line and betters their business. To be a successful freelancer, you’ve got to knock on some doors, sell yourself, and learn from your failures along the way.

Bob Younce


About the author: Bob Younce is a full-time Internet writer and writing mentor living in Linwood, Michigan. He is dedicated to helping Internet writers to achieve their dreams. Visit Bob at The Writing Journey or follow him on Twitter.