Time Management For Creative People

About a week ago Mark McGuinness of Wishful Thinking released a free ebook on time-management for creative people appropriately subtitled ‘Manage the Mundane – Create the Extraordinary‘.

The content of this e-book is also available on BoDo (Business Of Design Online) as it was first published there (8 posts). But you can now download the free ebook, it’s nice to have as it’s filled with incredibly useful tips and resources.

Table of content:

  • Why you need to be organized to be creative
  • Prioritize work that is ‘important but not urgent’
  • Ring-fence your most creative time
  • Avoid the ‘Sisyphus effect’ of endless to-do lists
  • Get things done by putting them off till tomorrow
  • Get things off your mind
  • Review your commitments
  • Resources to help you get things done

Remember, it’s free and it’s really worth reading! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And for those of you who always find there’s not enough time in a day, Dave Navarro (yes the ‘other’ Dave Navarro) who writes on FreelanceFolder every Monday (hello Dave!) challenges you to get rid of the ‘victim mentality‘ some of us have about time.

  • I don’t have the time.
  • If only there was more hours in a day…

If you sometimes find yourself saying stuff like that, take a minute and check out Dave’s site and take the challenge.





  1. says

    Thanks Jon for the link to the free ebook. i just download it. time management is so critical in building success. not many doing it even myself are having trouble just to make a schedule or plan and following it. The thought of doing thing spontaneously sometime hinder me from work with a plan or schedule. hope can change it as quickly as i can.

  2. says

    Yes, it’s really important how to handle your time, not a an easy task to do, with so much destruction around we really need to be more discipline. We do need this kind of book to be better in handling our time and manage it to be more productive. Thanks.


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