Top Places From Where to Get Your Holiday Stock Images

Images that allude to the current season ignite a spark of recognition in viewers’ minds, so if you’re a blogger, advertiser, publisher etc., you know what this means – by using holiday-driven images, you attract new clients. But which are the best sources to acquire this type of stock photos for Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is a list with 10 of the topmost stock photo agencies in the winter of 2013.

YAY Images


YAY would be my first choice this year. With a database of more than 4 million creative files, this agency stands out because it offers to filter and alter the acquired images in your browser – and so simplifies matters for its users. There are three available subscription plans: Digital, Print, and Streaming.

It would be wise to go for YAY’s Digital Subscription if you need a constant supply of 3 megapixel-images to use in apps, PowerPoints, or e-books; it will cost you just $49/month. A Print Subscription, on the other hand, enables high-resolution downloads of any amount of images meant for print and design – all for $99 per month.

I would like to highlight the Streaming plan from YAY, which has just been launched. Let me explain what makes Streaming so awesome. It targets the use of images online, so this is for blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. You can take countless stock images that are 700 pixels wide/high for just $9-a-month, and then edit them onsite.

This means that you don’t have to download your purchase, modify it with Photoshop, and then upload wherever it belongs. YAY offers to host all these images for you, so all you need to do is paste the generated link into your articles and the image is there. This benefits your hosting server, too, because it takes some load off its shoulders – making your website load fast.

The Streaming feature is brilliant, and I’ve only seen it at YAY. Furthermore, the impending holidays bring forward a great offer – 50% discount for the first month of all subscription plans by using coupon code “XYZ”. Happy holidays!



Standing ovations to Mostphotos! This stock agency is a star on the rise, with a fast-growing collection of creative visual files. In a single day, over 10.000 fresh files from all over the world add up to the vastly diverse archive, all screened by a selection team that aims for authenticity. Both professional and hobby photographers submit their captures for publishing, the contributors’ ranks having thus far reached 45.000.

The search for winter-specific items has resulted in more than 100.000 splendid vectors and photos. Take from Mostphotos with confidence this season, at a price starting from $5/item in the case of pre-paid image bundles, or $0.51 per piece as a subscriber. The acquired images can be re-downloaded and used again and again, at no additional cost.

In this moment, the ‘Mini 10’ and ‘Mini 20’ monthly subscriptions are subject to a 10% discount if users take up 6 months from the get-go or to 15% off the usual price if they seal the deal for a whole year. Before you buy anything, you may scrutinize the quality of any image down to the last pixel by means of the fast zoom in feature. Another perk of going forward with Mostphotos is the fact that once you’ve created one account, your ‘team players’ can get their own – for free!



Usually, the search for images to use in your projects takes a lot of time and energy, because you need to make sure that you settle for the best quality and make a good deal in the process. Well, Stocksy gathers its 100% exclusive content in an unusual manner which ensures that you’ll only come across undeniably rich images. As a matter of fact, these images are so beautiful, that they make you think twice about poking around on another stock photo site. Anything you could dream to find is right here.

Stocksy functions as an artist-lead co-operative, so it’s not your ordinary microstock agency. New contributors have to be invited to put their images on sale here, and this only happens after their works have been thoroughly analyzed and unanimously accepted.

Besides, I’ve browsed through three categories – ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Christmas & Holidays’ – and I must confess that I fell in love with what I saw. Stocksy’s selection team handpicks each and every contribution, and is ruthless when it comes to high aesthetic standards. You can start taking top-class images for as low as $10/image – no secret fees involved – and there is every reason to make this choice as they are 100% exclusive.



I’d like to introduce you to Inmagine, who deserves to be mentioned in this season’s top ten agencies, due to the fact that a “winter holidays” search turns up well over 10.000 thematic images that look absolutely fabulous, and you can easily narrow down the quarry with the help of advanced filters. Feel free to check it out.




Depositphotos is another valuable addition to this list, as it wields 19 million stock photos, videos, and vectors for the use of designers and publishers. Users are privy to the adorable routine of being granted one free item from the Vectors Collection each and every week. On top of that, Depositphotos sports Sales Lightboxes, where you’ll find loads of discounted season-specific images around every significant time of the year. Right now, 300 images make up the Thanksgiving Lightbox, and 1300 the Christmas Lightbox – all for 20% off their standard price. So, grab them!


a beauty young girl with christmas gift

Meet Stockfresh, who is more than welcome to grace me with its presence in this season’s top ten stock photo sources. Stockfresh gathered 3 million dashing vectors, graphics, and photos, but the special thing about this agency is its simplicity – when you’re looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas images, it doesn’t waste your time with irrelevant results or too many search options.



Everyone knows about Shutterstock, and it has a place in my top ten with its humungous, 30 million-strong database that just keeps on expanding at great speed. It’s important to know that users are gifted with a free vector and a free photo each and every week. Aside from that, check out this winter season’s eye candy.

Getty Images


Getty Images is equally famous, and doesn’t need any introductions. The titanic agency makes an appearance in my holidays top ten due to its sophisticated search box, which presented me with 200.000 delicious Christmas photos and illustrations. By all means, pay them a visit and see what you think about Getty’s holiday treats.



I’m a big fan of iStock, especially around this time of the year. The original microstock agency offers 400.000 holiday-related creative files, including Flash media, video and audio files. Be sure to visit the Editorial Picks, because that section contains suggestions involving some pretty amazing images that you can use in your work in order to draw in more clients.

Can Stock Photo


Can Stock Photo brings my top ten wintertime microstock agencies to an end. Its 21.000 contributors add exquisite stock images day in and day out. For Christmas, 480.000 photos, illustrations, and video files give you plenty of options to choose from. So, be sure to give Can Stock Photo a try and check out its magnificent holiday offerings.

Here are some holiday images that you’ll find on these websites:

christmas (1)





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Christmas background

Christmas magic gift box and a happy family mother and baby


Christmas tree with gifts