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    As much as I advertise social marketing among my customers as a good tool to look for promotion and marketing, I nearly hate it as means for my personal, freelance way to get customers. I don’t know, maybe it’s my customer focus or my country which don’t open such opportunities as those imagined by people who write about it. I’ve read a couple of books on social marketing and found nothing new there, everything covered with sort of “American dream” sauce. I could promote butter or toys but I just can’t see where I could get customers for my own services. No, definitely not for me. Social marketing is something I associate with a brainless mob clicking everything everywhere with a believe they could gain anything from this clicking and the only “one” who gains anything are the big companies creating customer loyalty. A customer wants to do some social crap? OK, I can arrange it. Me promoting on anything more than blogs or forums? No way. The questions is – do you consider forums and blogs social marketing because then my attitude might be not so much “anti”…


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