Unleash the Power of WordPress Using Plugin Combos

As you probably know, WordPress is best known for the way that you can easily add new functionality, thanks to the huge plugin repository. You’ll find a plugin for every use that you could possibly imagine.

Did you know that by combining specific plugins, you can quickly specialize your WordPress installation or make it incredibly flexible and powerful, without doing any coding?

In this post, I’ll share the best WordPress plugin combos with you.

Unleash the Power of Widgets

WordPress comes with some default widgets for displaying categories, pages and posts, but there are not many settings. What if you want to display the three most recent posts from the top three categories only on certain pages?

Well, thanks to Widget Logic, you can use conditions for displaying the widgets, Widgets Reloaded gives you tons more options to display categories and Query posts will allow you to fins control the recent posts widget.

This combination will allow you to have total control on your widgetized areas. Use the following plugins:

Using WordPress as a CMS

Want to use WordPress as a CMS? Then you should use custom post types. And usually when you want a custom post type, you need custom fields as well.

Well, the More Fields and More Types plugins give you an easy to use interface for creating post types with specialized fields that allows you to build any type of website from WordPress.

Use the following plugins:

Designing a Total Security Plan

Worried about your site’s security? Well you should be!

But, with this powerful plugin combination, you can really harden your default WordPress install.

Stop hackers from trying passwords, scan your folder permissions and change your database prefix. These plugins will automatically apply security enhancements to protect your website.

Use the following plugins:

Optimize Your Website for Speed

Google now takes into account the loading time of websites to rank them. By default WordPress is not optimized for speed. With these plugins, you can apply the Yahoo best practices for website optimization really easily. You’ll immediately see the difference in loading speed.

W3 Total Cache optimizes the caching and minifying of web pages, while WP Smush.it compresses your images to reduce file size.

Use the following plugins:

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Another part of website optimization is the SEO and analyzing your traffic. With these two plugins from SEO guru, Yoast, you’ll be set to increase traffic to your site!

WordPress SEO is a relatvely new plugin aiming to combine and replace previous plugins from the same author, which means you also get the benefit of needing to install less plugins. It also includes functionality from Robots Meta plugin, which allowed you to control how pages and posts are indexed by the search engines. Plus, you can define SEO optimized titles and meta descriptions for individual posts and pages with a clever preview area that shows you exactly how the meta description will look on the search engine results page.

Use the following plugins:

Add Some Interactivity

Engaging and interacting with your visitors is paramount, and with these plugins you can allow visitors to rate your posts and create a customized page with all their favorite posts. Imagine combining these with a video or photoblog. It will make your website seem like it has some of the features of YouTube.

Use the following plugins:

Create Your Own Custom Membership Site

Do you want to allow registration on your site, but you want it to be a seamless experience for your visitors. Do you need to collect more information than the default WordPress registration form allows?

Well, this last combo will allow you to completely transform your WordPress site into a membership community. You can hide administrator menus from the registered users, you can apply the site’s design to the log in and registration forms, and you can request that the new members provide their Twitter account ID or accept the terms and conditions upon registration.

This is a truly powerful combination.

What About You?

I hope these WordPress plugin combos gave you some cool ideas for your next project or to enhance your current site.

What are your favorite WordPress plugin combos (and how do you use them)?

Share your answers in the comments.

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