Use LinkedIn Company Profile Pages to Promote Your Freelance Business

You’ve probably been using LinkedIn for a while as a way to personally connect with other like-minded business people via a personal profile. But did you know that LinkedIn has a Company Profile page that you can use to promote your freelance business as well?

With more than 90 million members (according to LinkedIn’s own About page at the time of publication in 2011), having a company profile page on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential clients.

In this post, I’ll explain how to use the LinkedIn Company Profile page to promote your freelancing business.

Using a LinkedIn Company Profile Page

The LinkedIn Company Profile Page is easy to use and allows you to:

  • Create individual pages about your products and services
  • Create an image slider with links to your website
  • Add an embedded YouTube video
  • Post job listings (paid service)
  • View Analytics about visitors to your Company Page

Visitors to your personal profile can click on the icon next to your company listing to view your company profile page.

Setting Up Your Company Page

Use the following steps to set up a company page for your freelancing business:

  • Step 1–Login to your LinkedIn personal profile page. In the top navigation bar, click “Companies,” and then on the Companies page click “Add a Company” on the right.
  • Step 2–Add company information. On the Add a Company page, you will be prompted to add your company name and email address at the company. You can’t use a web-based email address for this registration and you must be an official representative of the company in order to create the page.
  • Step 3–Confirmation. Once you enter your information, an email will be sent to you for confirmation. Confirm the email, and follow the link back to your company page.

Now you’re ready to customize your company page using tabs.

Using the Overview Tab

Start your customization with the Overview tab.

At the top right of the overview page, click “Edit” to add information to your page. This information is pretty straightforward. On this page, you can add:

  • Your company logo
  • A description about your company
  • Specialties your company offers
  • The number of employees
  • Your website address
  • What industry your company falls under
  • The year your company was founded
  • Your location(s)
  • Your Twitter ID
  • An RSS Feed (if you have one)

After you’ve entered your information, click “Publish” to save and publish this information.

Using the Careers Tab

Within your company profile, LinkedIn also allows you to post job listings on the careers tab. At the time of publication, job postings cost $195 for a 30-day posting. Fill out the self-explanatory form to post a listing.

Once you post the listing, LinkedIn will show you people on LinkedIn in your area who match your job description. You can unlock those matches for a fee or simply post your job listing. Fill out the billing information, and your job listing will be posted on the Careers tab of your Company profile page.

Using the Services Tab

Here’s where you really get to showcase your company on LinkedIn. The Services page allows you to add products and/or services that your company offers.

Here are some helpful steps:

Services Step 1–Add Your Information
Within the Services tab, click the “Edit” button to edit the main elements on the page. Enter a title and description of the company. Your logo from the Overview tab will display on this page next to the description.

Next, give your Services page a little life by creating up to three images/text for your page slider. Images should be 640 x 220 pixels. Each image can have its own URL to link through to. For example, on my page I created an image describing three of my top services and have each image linking through to the appropriate portfolio page on my website. It’s a great way to give a visual description of your services and lead potential clients directly to your website.

If you have any YouTube videos describing your company or services, you can add that on this page as well. In the right-hand column, enter a title for your YouTube video, then copy/paste the URL for that video into the URL field.

Go back to the top of the page and click Publish to save and make your content live.

Services Step 2–Add Products & Services

To add a Product or Service click the “Add a Product or Service” button at the top right. On this page, you can:

  • Add either a product or a service
  • Select a category that best fits your product or service
  • Name the item and add a thumbnail image for it
  • Add a description and a list of key features
  • Add a URL for users to link through to your website
  • Associate a particular employee to this product or service
  • Add a promotion or special price for this product or service
  • Add a YouTube video specific to this product or service

You can create versions of this page to be served to audiences based on their profile content. For example, you can create a version targeted to people in the United States, and a different version targeted to members in Canada. Once you have created a “default” version, create different versions by clicking “New Audience” below. Name your target, choose your targeting characteristics and click “Save and Exit” to edit your targeted page.

Using the Analytics Tab

The fourth and final tab on the LinkedIn Company page is the Analytics page.

Here you can view:

  • Information on your page views
  • Clicks on your ‘more information’ links on your products & services pages
  • The number of visits by industry
  • Members following your company

Your Turn

LinkedIn Company pages are a fast and easy way to showcase your company’s products and services, recommendations from past clients, and job postings. With the easy-to-use interface and ability to share that page with thousands of other LinkedIn users, it’s an obvious choice to use in promoting your business.

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page? Have you found it helpful in finding new clients or projects? Let us know in the comments below how LinkedIn pages have worked for you.

Top image by smi23le