Version 1.2 of The Client Machine is Here!

[tweetmeme] Today, we’re happy to announce the new version of The Client Machine, version 1.2. It’s our second update to the theme, and it makes The Client Machine much more stable and useful than ever before.

We have two new huge features in this release, which are brought to you with the help of numerous Client Machine users who provided feedback and some direct code:

  • Child Theme Support and a blank Child Theme to get you started
  • Internationalization support (you can translate the theme with a single file!)

In addition, we’ve eliminated numerous bugs and have made The Client Machine easier for any freelancer to pick up and start using.

If you’re already a Client Machine owner, you should have the new update and instructions in your email as we speak (that’s right, we give free updates =D).

If you haven’t purchased yet…

Click Here to learn more and buy the theme →

Huge thanks to all of you, especially those of you who offered suggestions and help on the theme. We love you guys :-)