Website Branding with Detailed Photographs

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Web graphics and stock photos are some of the more popular solutions to building a sense of credibility. Visitors may overlook stock photos at a first glance, but the aesthetics are still present within the content. This will leave a certain emotion placed onto each page or blog post. Using these photographs in your design can help to push a specific mood or effect onto the visitor.

In this post I want to outline a few resources for grabbing high quality branding effects. These graphics may include icons, vectors, photographs, and lots of other similar examples. Overall you want to choose pieces of media which will enhance your website layout. This should not require a lot of work, and picking out the right solution is simply a matter of testing the various choices.

Picking a Collection

The larger photo galleries you can find online are sometimes disheveled and hard to look through. I’ve noticed that on you can find loads of beautiful stock photographs. Their tremendous categories listing includes topics such as landscape, fashion, business, vintage, and plenty of others. stock photoraphy website layout interface

What I also like about their service is the ease of finding exactly what you would need. There are search queries and popular tags which you may cycle through. Although the website may not have exactly what you were looking for, the process of searching and figuring this out is lightning quick. There are paid premium plans if you are looking for certain images with larger file sizes. Browsing is of course free and you may sign up as a registered affiliate, too.

Web-Style Graphics

Aside from the typical stock photography marketplace you can also find similar photos in website graphics shops. Plenty of resellers and 3rd party mini-shops will have their products on sale and ready to download immediately. The popular eCommerce shop Graphic River is an alternative for web-based graphics.

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The site is powered by Envato which has a solid reputation for high-quality products. I am frequently checking out their other marketplace websites, along with their tutorial blogs and design resources. Web designers can find a lot of quality products on Graphic River and the prices are much cheaper than paying for a full premium account.

Full Website Templates

The price of purchasing stock photographs will always be cheaper when done in bulk. This is also true for other website graphics, but what about the whole template? If you do not have anything online it might be worth picking up a design which also includes standard stock photography. One of the longest-lasting template retailers is Template Monster which has a lot of similar products.

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Recently the template eCommerce site has delved further into WordPress and mobile-responsive layouts. But overall their biggest sellers are the standard website templates using business layouts and stock photographs. If you have a need for pushing your project quickly I would recommend picking up a copy of one of their brand new website templates.


Digital photos are a masterpiece of the modern era. We can use them embedded into any typical website or layout interface. Even mobile apps have been developed solely around photographs posted onto Flickr, Instagram, and other services. I hope this article may be informative when getting around to picking up stock photography of your own. If you have similar resources or ideas feel free to share with us in the post discussion area below.