Webydo – A New Era For Professional Web Designers

Loads of do-it-yourself website builders appear on the market everyday, and each bears the promise to help any beginner set up a site in a matter of minutes. So how come 74% of all newly-created websites are still built in the old fashioned way – by writing code for static designs? The answer is simple, and everyone knows it: the mass majority of DIY website building solutions don’t quite make the grade for professional designers, because they are too primitive. Therefore, 70% of the budget assigned to an average project is still spent on manual coding, which never fails to deliver quality products to clients.


Webydo is turning this tradition on its head, being the first professional online platform engineered specifically for designers. It functions on the same basis as Photoshop, and generates cross-device responsive HTML code for your designs, so that you can unleash your creativity instead of spending ages writing code. 25K designers worldwide already have chosen to work independently this intuitive and fashion forward design platform.

Sign up for a free, or for a Premium account. As a free user, you get unlimited bandwidth, 15 pages, and 1 GB storage; as a Premium user, you may also customize a domain name, create as many pages as you desire and enjoy 2 GB of storage.

Just over the next ten days, readers are entitled to 69% off the Premium plan with code VIP69%FreeLanceFolder.


How to Use Webydo


There are three ways to essentially jump-start your creative odyssey, depending on the amount of time and inspiration that you need. Design your website as follows:

  1. Blank – Starting from scratch is the perfect option if you know exactly what you’re going after, and need space to express your talent. The platform places advanced tools at your disposal, as well as a lengthy list of free web fonts to choose from.


  1. Layout – Take your pick out of the vast selection of Webydo’s tested templates, and base your website design on one of them. Feel free to create sophisticated forms, add text captions to images, and fix elements’ opacity in the process.


  1. Designs – Draw inspiration from one of the already-established website designs, and make it your own by dragging-and-dropping images, shapes, videos, menus, widgets (even widgets for online stores), etc.



As far as management goes, Webydo scores through the roof with its CMS and B2B features. The content management system permits designers to choose areas of the website for owners to edit as they please without it destroying the overall design. You may ‘Bill you client’ from the dashboard, and also ‘Build your brand’ by showcasing the logo on your dashboard, as well as on your client’s bill, CMS, and login screen.


For any suggestions, navigate to the Participate page – where you can either vote on features proposed by your fellow designers, or submit new thoughts. Webydo was created by designers, for designers with its designers’ community in mind. Last but not least, remember that the first year of a Premium subscription is heavily discounted if you think fast and use code VIP69%FreeLanceFolder.