Welcome To Daisho-BlackSmith – Our New Advertiser

Daisho-BlacksmithSoftware and Methodology. The Swords of the 21st Century” – I like the sound of that.

If you take a look at the sidebar, you’ll see we added a new 125x125px banner around the top. I would like to welcome our new advertiser, Daisho-Blacksmith, to the Freelance Folder family. (hello!)

Daisho-Blacksmith is a company based in Munich, Germany, and is run by Michael Gottschalk and Klaus Wiedemann (managing directors). Together they combine almost 40 years of experience in project management, sales, business development and many other fields.

What Is Daisho?

Daisho has a lot to offer, here’s a quick run-down:

  • Goal and time management
  • P2P Groupware Functionality
  • Contact management

The Daisho software runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux (it’s a Pure Java application), you can find more about the system requirements on their website.

You can also view their guided tour/presentation via their site.

Oh, and check out their blog too.


Thanks a lot to all our readers for the continued support, I hope you will find Daisho interesting, I think it fits right with the topics we discuss here at FreelanceFolder, and I’m happy the folks at Daisho decided to advertise with us. Please take a minute to visit their site, that may be just what you were looking for.

Thanks again! ;)