Welcome To Freelance Folder – Please Make Yourself At Home!

Welcome To Freelance Folder

Hello, welcome to Freelance Folder! If you got here it’s probably because you’ve read about this blog on another blog, or you read a press release. How you got here doesn’t matter in fact, what’s important is you’re here now! ;)

We just launched, and we’re happy to have you here, please take some time to check out the articles/posts already published. Of course, we will write many many more articles, our goal is to have at least a new one for you to read everyday.

To know more about the team behind this blog, the people writing the articles/posts, please visit our “authors” page, which will updated from time to time, as more contributing writers will join the team. We’re a bunch of cool people! (We really are!) ;)

We will also be holding a contest, so stay tuned, we should write about that real soon.

Of course, you can stay up to date but copy-pasting our RSS feed into your feed reader of choice. Or another alternative would be to subscribe to our automatic e-mail updates.

Thank you very much for visiting and reading, we hope you find the content of this website useful. If you have any question, please contact us, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

if you’re interested in contributing, writing articles, be a guest writer, or you are interested in advertising on Freelance Folder, please take some time to read some of the already published articles, check out the categories, and send an e-mail using our contact form, and Jon will get back to you within 2 days.

A huge thanx to Anthony Baggett for creating the “Networker” wordpress theme on which this blog is built (modified theme). Anthony helped a bunch and provided awesome support, Thanx Anthony! :)

Take care!



  1. says

    Anthony, you’re more than welcome, your wordpress theme is awesome! Thanx again for all the help :)

    Confessing7Girl, thanx a bunch! ;)

    Hey Adam, that would rock bro! By the way I got your e-mail, will reply tonight.

  2. says

    Welp, there goes the neighborhood …

    haha – Just kidding Jon.

    I KNOW Freelance Folder is going to be a big hit. I’m looking forward to seeing it’s reach and influence grow steadily.

  3. says

    Hey Jon

    Congrats on the launch! This new baby of yours had been much anticipated, since your announcement in SWR.

    I wish I can launch my new blog (no more subdomain for me) with as much success as your new baby!

  4. says

    Hey, Jon:

    Congrats on the blog launch. I too created a new blog today on blog ideas, as i have so many floating around in my head.

    I think you picked a good niche, as the freelance area is really hot right now, lots of folks looking for online work. Look forward to reading this and Smart Wealthy Rich. Good job.


  5. says

    Hi betshopboy, thank you so much. It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it :)

    Hello Missy, hey that’s a great idea, I really like that “groovy” branding you got going :)

    Robin, thanx a lot, I sure hope it’s gonna be a hit hehe

    Hi Ethel, thank you very much!

    Hey Steve, you’re very welcome, and thanx for adding me also. If you ever feel like doing a “freelancing podcast” or something lemme know, that could be interesting :)

    EzRich, thanx you very much, I sure will work hard to grow this new blog :)

  6. says

    Hi Jon,

    I’m always up for ideas. Something about “freelancing” could fit into Startup BizCast, though. There’s an extremely fine grey line between freelancing and owning a sole proprietorship.

    If you can think of a specific topic to discuss where you could provide advice for people, and about which you could consider yourself at least a pseudo expert … please shoot me an email IMMEDIATELY. I’m actually hurting for next week’s episode. It’s a long story, but I need to have my interview done by Tuesday morning .. which earlier than usual. Today is shot for doing the interview, the weekend is usually tough to get people, and Monday is even worse than today. You can see my dilemma. So, if you can come up with a topic, and can do an interview over the weekend or possibly this afternoon (Friday) … you’ve got yourself an appearance on Startup BizCast!

    I’ll shoot you an emai via your contact page as well … in case you’re up for this.


  7. says

    Hi there Jon! congratulations man! Im very happy to see your new blog! Lots of good luck and lots of success with your new project, I’m sure you’ll reach new heights!

    Congratulations again Jon!

  8. says

    Ian, thanx a lot buddy! Appreciate it, looking forward to checking out your new blog also!

    David, thank you very much, you know you’re always welcome if you wanna post on here :)

    Steve, excellent, I’m always up for those kinda things, got your e-mail and replied, will keep in touch, sounds like a great idea!

    Joezul, thanx a bunch, hope you’ll find useful infos, enjoy your stay! :)

    Saul, I’ve heard about PostieCon, i would love to attend, still got a couple of months before the conference. I attended the sobcon07 conference in May, and it was great!

    George, hey I’m happy you like the site, thanx a lot bro! Will work hard to make it work! :)

  9. Blogs Do Make Money says

    Congrates in your new venture. As a blogger who has just ventured into freelancing, I’ll certainly come back to visit.


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