What’s Your Strength: Creativity or Discipline?

What\'s Your Weakness?Creativity and discipline are two topics that have individually received a huge amount of attention online, offline, and just about everywhere in between. And they probably deserve that attention, too.

As freelancers, much of our prosperity can be drawn directly back to one of these two things — how creative is your work, and how much of it can you get done. Or, in your own business, how many great ideas do you have, and how fast can you implement them.

The tough part is that very few people naturally have an abundance of both creativity and discipline. The scales are normally tipped in one direction or the other, and it’s our job both enhance the stronger side and shore up the weaker one.

So, in this thread I’d like to discuss this idea further. Which half are you stronger in — creativity or discipline? In what ways have you helped to balance things out? How have you played to your stronger side? How have you improved your weaker side?

As always, we’ll continue discussion in the comments…