Will You Raise Your Rates in 2010?

There’s probably no more controversial topic in freelancing than the subject of rates. After all, rates determine how much money we earn, and ultimately, what our lifestyle will be.

Here at Freelance Folder, we’ve talked about rates a lot. We’ve discussed:

Each time we’ve discussed rates, there’s been a ton of discussion (and understandably so).

Many freelancers feel that they are not earning enough, yet often they are afraid that they will not find enough work if they raise their rates.

Recently, however, I’m seeing somewhat of a trend towards freelancers who do charge more for their work and who are willing to say “no” to the low-paying projects. The trend got us wondering:

Will You Raise Your Rates in 2010?

Or, perhaps you already have raised your rates this year. Share your answers and thoughts in the comments.