WordPress Premium Portfolio Themes for Sophisticated Freelancers

I know a lot of freelancers who have put up very simple websites for their own portfolio. These are often plain white or black layouts with some links out to their Dribbble, Behance, Twitter, and other social networks. When you are just getting started this makes sense but why leave out so much information? There are plenty of great themes you can work with to get a WordPress-based portfolio running online within 30 minutes.

Check out this gallery of inspiring premium portfolio themes for WordPress. Freelancers who are still getting their websites online might consider picking up one of these themes. They are not very pricey and they look amazing in a live production website. Plus it offers a more customized alternative to running your portfolio without needing to code a WordPress theme from scratch.


wordpress premium theme pure studio website

PureStudio is a really unique portfolio theme which greatly adjusts its layout based on the viewport. This means you can have a truly dynamic responsive layout without making any adjustments to the theme. It also showcases portfolio elements very nicely on the page without constraint.


wordpress premium weblog theme company

I personally really love the Weblog theme because if its simplicity. This is a perfect choice for any individual who needs a quick website up online. The portfolio features are amazing and it’s very easy to add more work into the list. Plus the blog articles blend nicely into the entire layout, so the whole website feels very connected.


studeo premium theme freelancing portfolio

Studeo is another brilliant minimalist website layout for creative professionals. I feel that this design can also work nicely in a design agency website. Mostly because the logo and heading section appears more like a company, but you can obviously use it as a freelancer’s portfolio website too. Check out the awesome color scheme and you may be surprised with this one.


wordpress gridlocked premium theme design

Gridlocked is a very minimalist portfolio layout for freelancers. The homepage will feature your entry listings with links going to the detail pages. All of your info and the navigation links are presented in a single sidebar off to the left side. It is a very gentle theme if you only want to showcase portfolio items without too much extra context.

Display Theme

3-in-1 premium wordpress display theme portfolio

The Display premium theme is both for freelancers and businesses alike. I have been really impressed with the 3-D image sliding carousels because they do require a bit of jQuery to get working. Typically you do not find WordPress themes with this many options but Display is one of those rare exceptions which stands apart from the rest.


angular wordpress premium theme portfolio

Angular is a premium WordPress portfolio theme which plays on color choices. You can learn a lot by looking at the homepage and checking out some of the more responsive features. I think this design is perfect for a web designer or graphics designer who needs to get a quick portfolio website online.


rockwell black content theme wordpress

The RockWell portfolio theme is a bit darker than other choices. This may not be perfect for every freelancer but it should catch your attention. The bright colors and background images help to define a certain outlandish tone within the template.


catalyst portfolio wordpress premium theme

Catalyst is all business with such a wonderful WordPress theme layout. The features include both dark and light color schemes which you may choose between. Also the homepage image slider is built using any number of portfolio entries which you may customize from the backend. But there is another portfolio gallery listing on the homepage which blends so nicely into the rest of the content.

Retro Portfolio

retro green layout wordpress premium theme

I know there must be some other retro design fans out there to appreciate this theme. Retro Portfolio is a great choice for WordPress because it looks so much different than all the others. Retro design is a key piece of my heart looking back to old 1950s advertisements. And you can keep that feeling alive on your own website by running this vintage WP theme.


wordpress premium theme agency design

Agency is a unique fullscreen WordPress premium theme for individuals and creative teams. The whole website layout is setup to follow your portfolio entries which are listed in a grid-style formatting. The page itself loads via Ajax which may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But the dynamic effects really are stupendous and this theme will definitely captivate your audience.


studiofolio wordpress premium theme design

Getting back to more simpler solutions we have Studiofolio. This minimalist WordPress theme is surprisingly not responsive, but it does offer both fluid and fixed website layouts. The theme itself may be customized to support full responsive design but there are a lot of page elements to update. But this is an exceptional choice for any designer or freelancer.


strange modern portfolio theme wordpress

Strange is a modern portfolio WordPress theme catering to a darker color scheme. The homepage image slider is even dark using black-and-white photographs for the majority of the content. You should be able to update the colors and link styles from the backend. Just note that although this theme is not for everyone, it can be perfect for that one person who loves it.


quiven wordpress premium theme template

Quiven brings responsive WordPress theme design back onto the table. The Quiven portfolio theme feels very web 2.0 when you are going through the various menu links. Even the full-sized header image provides options for embedding videos into the page. It may be a little much for your average freelancer, but this theme has a lot of really unique options to play with.


premium portfolio theme jacto wordpress

Jacto has a dynamic wooden background texture blending on top of the portfolio layout itself. This is a cool theme if you are into that style of design. Especially because you can pick out some other various background styles which come shipped into the theme. The portfolio itself is also filterable using dynamic jQuery – a very popular solution among modern designers.


wordpress vivo theme design premium

Vivo responsive WordPress theme is just another freelancer’s take on web design. This approach focuses greatly on the portfolio content which is listed on top of the whole layout. You can dynamically sort through portfolio entries by clicking any of the various tags at the top of the page. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for pages, though, so think carefully if you may be deciding to go with a portfolio-centric theme like Vivo.


clean blue minimal portfolio wordpress theme

The Feather theme by Elegant Themes is possibly one of my favorite solutions. It reminds me of an old Tumblr layout which used to be really popular. But this theme is designed almost perfectly for a freelancer who just wants to get their work online. It obviously supports a blog as well, so you do have room to publish your own writings onto the website.


orange portfolio wordpress theme nimble

Nimble is a very flexible multi-colored WordPress premium theme for creative professionals. The layout itself is based around a portfolio with pricing plans, customer testimonials, and other common homepage features. You may choose to remove any number of these from the page and the theme will still look outstanding.


wp premium gleam elegant themes design

The Gleam WordPress theme is designed to run like a Flash website, but it is coded over HTML/CSS. The homepage uses a fullscreen background image along with a central navigation box. As you click between links the content will load dynamically right into the center of the page! It is a unique design and the Gleam template would certainly fit with the right freelancer.


blue portfolio sky theme wordpress premium

Sky is another one of those templates which could be used by a freelancer, or by a design studio/agency. I love the subtle color patterns which you find in the background and homepage banner. There is a hint of texturized content which really helps the design elements jump right off the page. Check out their live demo to see this for yourself.


wordpress premium modest theme elegants

Modest comes across exactly as the name implies – a simple, minimalist, working WordPress portfolio theme. It does appear to be created mostly for freelancers but I could see a design agency using this template as well. The heading navigation has support for dropdown menus and it uses a nice combination of grey & white to build the shades of the color scheme.


wordpress origin theme design portfolio premium

The Origin premium theme is another sidebar-based portfolio website layout. The main content is all focused on portfolio entries while the webpage links are located off to the left sidebar. My favorite part of this theme is the actual portfolio details page because they each use a fullscreen header image. These graphics illustrate your projects in a beautiful manner which simply cannot be completed any other way.


egallery wordpress premium theme design

The eGallery theme is a little different in comparison to the other portfolio layouts. This theme is a showcase of websites, graphics, or really anything you choose to publish. Then visitors have the option of rating these posts using a custom backend plugin. It’s great for freelancers who wish to publish an inspiration gallery, but don’t have the time to build all that functionality from the very beginning.

Final Thoughts

The freelancing industry follows some of the largest trends related to web development and graphic design. So many people are choosing the freelancing route because there are not many other job opportunities available. And I think your personal website is a great reflection on what you do and the quality of work you can offer. Any of these premium themes would be an excellent choice for freelancers who want to get a website up quickly and easily.