You Know You’re a Freelancer When…

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you’re a true freelancer or just someone doing some work on the side. The distinction is an important one, because you’re expected to act differently as a freelancer–and by act differently I mean work longer hours, become a vampire and lose your social circles.

But fear not, I’m giving you a trusty guide to settle the dilemma…..are you a freelancer or not?

(and yes…I’m pretty much guilty of ALL of these…)

You Know You’re a Freelancer When…

  • You think working 14 hours a day is something everyone does.
  • You wear your best pajamas to important client Skype meetings.
  • Your idea of a good time is doing more work.
  • Going to the grocery store is your idea of a vacation.
  • You argue about work with your dog.
  • You keep a sleeping bag in your office so you never have to be far from email.
  • Your significant other rolls their eyes whenever you check emails during a date.
  • You dream about battling angry clients.
  • You don’t have a social life. Wait…social life? What’s that?
  • You consider Starbucks your official office.
  • The last time you saw the light of day was the last time you left the office…three years ago.
  • You forget if there’s a desk underneath all that paper.
  • You only go to conferences and events for the cool swag.
  • You promise to work just five longer…three hours after you already promised to work just five minutes longer.
  • You count your iPhone, iPad, or Android as a business expense. After all, you have to check your emails often when you’re away from the office.
  • Instead of going to the doctor when you’re sick, you Google about so you don’t have to leave your work.
  • You make up “lunch traditions” just to get out of the house once a week.
  • Your parents wonder how you’re paying the bills. What is it again you do exactly?
  • After a year of two of freelancing…you’re now afraid to leave the house. It’s so safe here!
  • You no longer bother to get dressed or take a shower…what’s the point?

Readers Who Know They’re a Freelancer When…

  • @iDamianH You can drop everything and go for a walk.
  • @kwhitedesign The only time you aren’t wearing pajamas is the weekend.
  • @kwhitedesign Your workday starts at 10 and ends at 1am.
  • @kwhitedesign You’ve memorized the wifi hotspots in every part of town.
  • @kwhitedesign You actually use business cards!
  • @kwhitedesign The coffeemaker is on almost as much as your computer.
  • @kwhitedesign You wear so many hats, the hat rack doesn’t work anymore.
  • @kwhitedesign By the time you get paid for a job you’ve forgotten what you did in the first place.
  • @jaytem Clients expect you to work for free, because after all, free is in your title.
  • @CBlasek When wearing pajama bottoms and a button down shirt are normal for video conferences.
  • @John_A_Clarke You wonder why people complain of morning traffic while you sit and read your e-mails in your PJs.
  • @syedbalkhi When your mom does not understand who you work for.
  • @joshlittlejohn You know you’re a freelancer when a conference call means putting on a clean t-shirt and logging on to skype.
  • @_DavidSilva When they ask if you just woke up. No, I’ve been working on a very important client while sitting comfortably in my shorts.
  • @blikkies You eat breakfast at 2 pm and dinner at 2 am.

When Do You Know You’re a Freelancer?

Have you done any of the above?

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Image by db photographs