You May Be Addicted to Social Media If…

addicted-to-social-media-iconsDo you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other form of social media? Do you use it a little too much?

There’s no question that social media is an important part of today’s Internet environment. If you freelance (or are thinking about freelancing), chances are that you’re already involved in social media somehow.

But social media has a dark side too — it’s very easy to spend too much time twitter, write too many comments on Facebook, or overuse social media in some other way. In this post, we’re going to help you decide if you’re using social media too much.

Here are 20 ways to tell if you are addicted to social media:

20 Ways to Tell If You Use Social Media Too Much

Here are a few funny ways to tell whether you might be addicted to social media. You may be addicted to social media if:

  1. You are going to spend the Christmas holiday with @grandma and @grandpa.
  2. You log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (or another form of social media) before you eat breakfast or get dressed each morning.
  3. When a friend says something clever, you respond by saying “I’ll retweet that.”
  4. You plan your activities according to how tweetable they are.
  5. No Internet connection is a serious problem since you might miss someone’s status update.
  6. Whenever you finish watching a good movie or television show you feel the urge to give it a thumbs up (just like you would on StumbleUpon or Digg).
  7. You speak in bursts of 140 characters, or less.
  8. Instead of actually laughing when your friend says something funny, you say “ROFL.”
  9. You refer to door-to-door sales people as “spammers.”
  10. When you meet someone new who is interesting, you ask if you can “connect to their network.”
  11. You put your Ninja name (from Facebook quizzes) on your business card instead of your actual name.
  12. You have been wondering how you can “block” some of life’s everyday problems like heavy traffic, high prices, and yard work.
  13. When you have a problem, the first people you turn to for advice are the ones on Facebook or Twitter.
  14. You ask the pizza delivery person if they will deliver directly to your computer desk.
  15. You’re not getting enough sleep, but it’s not because you’re working too hard. It’s because you’re staying up late to keep your status up to date and to download pictures.
  16. You don’t take a vacation because you don’t want to miss a tweet.
  17. You trust the advice of your followers more than you trust the advice of your spouse or partner.
  18. You become anxious if someone you know refuses to friend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.
  19. You can’t remember the last time you spent an entire day without social media.
  20. You dream about social media comments and posts at night.

Your Turn to Share

We’ve shared some funny signs that you might be close to social media addiction, now it is your turn. Can you think of any funny indicators that might mean that you are using social media too much?

Also, if you’ve found that you really do have a problem managing social media, how have you dealt with it? Did you need to find outside help? What recommendations do you have for other social-media addicts?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. says

    #22 — You’re giving driving directions and you say “scroll up” instead of “go straight”

    (true story, I did it just this morning)

    Oh, and I also occasionally say “I deleted that” instead of “I threw it out”

  2. says

    Love the quiz! And what a delight to see I’m not as addicted as I thought. Although, I did plan my entire Thanksgiving meal with friends and family through Facebook. But I didn’t send directions to “scroll up” vs. “going straight.” Love that!

  3. says

    Hi Jesaka!

    There’s no doubt that social media has changed our lives… I’m glad you were able to get together with family and friends for the holiday. I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. says

    ROFL the first one just had me rolling! I also catch myself telling family members to either tweet me or email me something…lol I just don’t have time to physically talk!

  5. Nick Parsons says

    Wow Laura, that is truly hilarious. I’m actually probably the other direction (I don’t take advantage of social media enough), but have found myself doing things like feeling an urge to hit the undo button when I mess up a sketch/painting!

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. says

    21. You everything mentioned on this list and still deny you don’t have a problem.

    @Mason : That is hilarious. “Scroll up” to go forward. Next time we will catch you saying “right sidebar” when you have to say stay in the right lane ;-) Fun stuff

  7. says

    I actually can’t find myself in any of those examples, but I DO spend half an hour to hour a day on Facebook application called Mafia Wars. It has a large community so my first intention was to familiarize myself with the game interface and to develop some kind of strategy and come up with my own tips and ideas, so that in the near future I can make a blog about it, but it turned out that I became really addicted to it.

    Luckily I login only twice or thrice a day, so I still don’t spend too much time on it, but it would be best if I would spend that time on something more valuable and important.

  8. says

    I love this and I admit that I am addicted, I have all the Social Networking apps on my iPhone and I have them open automatically when I open up Safari.

    I am currently looking at a design for a future communication device, however, looking at communications as a general term. Five years ago we never heard of Facebook, now it is a daily “task” for us to check things out on it. What are people’s suggestions of what the “next big thing” will be? Will it be internet based, will it be through a program or will everyone have an app where it will let us know if we have compatible people sitting next to us on the bus or tube?

    I would welcome your thought’s and musings on this.

    Many thanks,

    Matt Richardson

  9. says

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    That’s the fun part about this community, we know how to laugh.

    Wow, Matt! What a great question. What will be the next big thing? (I’d like to know too.)

    What do you all think?

  10. says

    So very funny and true! And, yes, our family DID plan our entire 35-person annual Thanksgiving family reunion online! And yes, we DID have to “explain” everything separately to @grandma who just doesn’t get it! LOL! I don’t think a single phone call was made! All @Kroger and @Starbucks runs were texted; as were “where r u” questions! We had a ball; especially since the 20-somethings think their parents are cool because of it all. (Well, NOW they think we’re cool!)

    Laura, I just *heart* your posts!

  11. LautaroAlberto says

    Hehehe… great content.. and yes i can think of a few more funny statements such as:

    (around the last ones)

    #. u might feel that u’re not sure about if u are a little too much into social media but, for one u spent the last 15 mins. checking your answers in this little test dont u think :).

    #. do u always wear clothes while in the computer?.. or u just passed by to say hello and update your status?

    hihihihihihihihihihi… seems funny enough for me :P

  12. Valen says


    One night, I dreamed about checking into foursquare once I had arrived at my destination. IN MY DREAM! haha.

  13. says


    Am brand new to this forum and just had the urge to introduce myself and say “hi”.

    Finally a lovely website with active users that I can read – that is a refreshing change!

    I’m here to hang out and get involved in the community. How could I best participate?

    Laters Ya’ll.

  14. says

    Very funny. I do find that after exchanging my number and email, I feel led to offer my Facebook name as well. Its a strange new world that we live in. Some of us even feel guilty if we have not caught on or caught up with the next new social networking rage- Tweet? I had better get it together!

  15. says

    Hallo zusammen, das ist mein erster Post hier. Bin echt froh, dass ich das Forum gefunden habe. Ich heiße Manuel, bin 26 und komme aus Berlin. Bin natürlich für Erfahrungsaustausch zu haben!

  16. says


    I am fairly new to this forum + just had the urge to introduce myself and say “wuzup”.

    This looks like a good website with topics that I can read – and that is good to look at!

    I’m here to hang out + participate. How would I best get involved?

    Bye For Now!!!

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  17. says

    How many of these do you have to answer yes before you know you are addicted?

    When trying to figure out if you know someone you ask “What does your avatar look like?”

  18. says

    OH, yes, mea culpa! I’m Guilty, Guilty, guilty – even of #21 Retweeting it before reading it, just because it had a LIST!!! (ADRIAN- you cracked me up with that one) Oh, my…I see myself, perhaps a bit too much…

  19. says

    Thanks for the article and coments. I see it all around, and think social media addiction is in it’s infancy. Its been an amazing tool and will forever change how we interact with family, friends and business. My concern is that people are becoming computer and Tech. savy, and have very little social and inter persoanl communications skills. The inability t comunicate face to face. I see it all the tme in our younger generation. Will be interesting to see it develope over the next ten years.

  20. says

    It gives the awaking alarm for the addicts of the social media..the definite…answer yes for the above questions..will be taken into account to modify themselves….I like the warning manage everything within a limit….keep sharing.

  21. says

    Very funny, although i do you twitter alot i dont think there can be too much tweeting that is unless your posting more then once and hour lol.

  22. says

    You May Be Addicted to Social Media If… | FreelanceFolder I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks! your article about You May Be Addicted to Social Media If… | FreelanceFolderBest Regards Nick


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