How To Make Potential Customers Pick You Over ‘The Other Guys’

How To Be DifferentWorldwide, individuals and companies are tightening their belts. They are approaching new purchases cautiously — in many cases delaying, or even avoiding, new expenses.

Consumers and business buyers alike are looking to get maximum value for their dollar. The burning question at the back of every buyer’s mind is:

Why should I buy something from you instead of from your competition?

It’s more important now than ever to differentiate your freelancing business from other freelancing businesses. Differentiating your business is the key to winning clients from competitors.

To do this, you must first discover what sets your freelancing business apart from similar businesses. Once you discover what’s unique about your freelancing business you must express that information clearly and frequently to your customers and prospective customers.

In this post we’ll try to help you with both points.

Discover What’s Unique About Your Freelancing Business

Examine your freelancing business closely to determine how it is different. Here are ten areas to look at:

  1. Are you more experienced?
  2. Are you quicker?
  3. Do you have better customer service?
  4. Are you more accurate?
  5. Are you less expensive?
  6. Are you friendlier?
  7. Do you guarantee your work?
  8. Do you have a unique reputation in your industry?
  9. Are you more available?
  10. Do you have specialized knowledge or tools?

Each of these questions can point to how your freelancing business is unique and possibly better than your competitors. (You can probably think of other questions to use to discover how your freelancing business is unique.)

Don’t forget a final method for discovering what makes your freelancing business unique — ask your customers. That’s right; ask your customers why they chose your freelancing business over your competition. The answer might surprise you and could point directly to what makes your freelancing business better.

Once you determine the unique points about your freelancing business, don’t keep it to yourself. Make it part of your central business message.

How To Convey Your Uniqueness

After you’ve discovered how your freelancing business differs from other freelancing businesses, you need to convey that message to your customers and prospective customers. Here are ten ways to get the message out:

  1. Make sure that your business site emphasizes what’s different about your freelancing business.
  2. Blog about your successes.
  3. Highlight projects that showcase your uniqueness in your portfolio.
  4. Get testimonials from clients that attest to why they chose your business.
  5. Update your brochures and other marketing materials to spotlight the unique qualities of your freelancing business.
  6. Develop an offer that highlights what’s different about your freelancing business. (For example, if you have a good guarantee already, try increasing it.)
  7. Write an e-mail to clients and prospects that focuses on what’s unique about your business.
  8. Remember to mention what sets your business apart when you talk to prospective clients.
  9. If appropriate, consider creating a slogan highlighting the unique aspects of your business.
  10. Nothing speaks louder than actions. Demonstrate your uniqueness through what you do for your clients.

What Do You Think?

What’s unique about your freelancing business? How would you go about discovering what makes your freelancing business unique?

Share your ideas in the comments.