Michael Martine On Blogging For Freelancers

Question: Should freelancers blog?
Answer: Yeah baby!

Michael Martine recorded a great video on the topic, and I think it’s really worth mentionning. It’s actually his first video, and I think he’s off to a really good start. ;)

Check it out:

So, you’re a freelancer? Should you blog?
From my experience, I see no reason not to blog. I get most (if not all) my contracts/gigs through blogging. It really helps in building that trust that Michael talks about in the video. Blogging can get really time-consuming, and often freelancers say they don’t have time and wanna focus on projects and clients. But still blogging is a sure-fire way to attract customers and share testimonials, experiences and give some news, and even make some (passive) income.

One quick tip: if you freelance full-time and start a blog, simply let your readers know you will post, say once a week. So people will know what to expect and you’ll have enough time to work on all your projects and meet deadlines. It all comes down to being able to prioritize I guess.




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    Hey, that’s me on the screen! :D

    I’m glad you found it something your readers would enjoy. I think the real take-away from it is the idea that the smaller the business is, the more important the blog is. For a freelancer the blog is super-important. I didn’t plan on saying that. It just came out. Serendipity, I guess.

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    Limitless, thanks a lot :)

    Hi Michael, I totally agree, that’S really a great way to attract traffic, and of course potential clients, or future business partners. The thing is a lot of people are not into writing or don’t want to have to manage a blog, even though it’s not that time-consuming if you make sure you prioritize :)

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    Jon, you are going to pay for it somehow. You can pay money and buy advertising which establishes no trust and proves nothing to anyone, or you can invest time in blogging which builds trust and proves your passion, expertise, and authority to clients. Business on the web nowadays tends to favor the latter, it seems to me. If you’re not into writing, you can easily make videos! I think taking the time to manage the blog is simply a new necessity.

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