3 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask

Dave Navarro

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When it comes to driving your business, you want to have two magical things happen:
  1. You want your customers to become even better customers
  2. You want those customers to tell people about you.
This magical one-two punch is what grows your business without inflating your expenses. But to get a handle on those two things requires you get the answers to three things your customers won’t tell you … unless you ask. Read on to discover the three questions that will reveal what you need to know to boost your bottom line.

#1 – Why Do You Enjoy Being My Customer?​

Customers continue to do business with you for a number of reasons (good rates, great service, strong rapport), but it’s rare that they’ll volunteer this information without being asked. So ask them.

Find out what you’re doing right, and you can do two things:
  • Do more of the things they like
  • Discover patterns (what multiple customers/demographics like best)
Get the goods on this question, and you can turn your current customers into do-more-business-with-you customers.

#2 – What Else Do You Wish My Business Did?​

Customers don’t just get products/services from you – they get other products/services before, during and after their transactions with you. Don’t miss this chance to cash in. Find out what else they want, and discover how you can give it to them:
  • If it’s easy to do, you might consider selling it yourself.
  • If it’s out of your business scope, make deals with trusted vendors and recommend them.
Either way, it’s a chance to tap into more revenue, potentially at a minimum of effort on your part. But you gotta ask.

#3 – Who Should You Tell About My Business?​

People like doing business with you. And chances are high that they know others who would benefit as well … but they won’t volunteer this info off the top of their heads (most of the time). So make it networking with future clients easier by offering incentives like the ones you’ll find here.

Give people a good enough reason to spread the word about you, and they surely will. And when your good name becomes a standard of excellence that attracts new customers to you, the effort you put into creating it is money in the bank.

And that’s just good business.

What Questions Will You Ask Your Customers?
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