Freelance Blogging Is Not an Easy Path

Tim Brownson

New member
Kristabel Martinez recorded a great video on the topic, and I think it’s really worth mentionning. It’s actually her first video, and I think she’s off to a really good start. ;)

So, you’re a freelancer? Should you blog?
From my experience, I see no reason not to blog. I get most (if not all) my contracts/gigs through blogging. It really helps in building that trust that Kristabel talks about in the video. Blogging can get really time-consuming, and often freelancers say they don’t have time and wanna focus on projects and clients. But still blogging is a sure-fire way to attract customers and share testimonials, experiences and give some news, and even make some (passive) income.

One quick tip: if you freelance full-time and start a blog, simply let your readers know you will post, say once a week. So people will know what to expect and you’ll have enough time to work on all your projects and meet deadlines. It all comes down to being able to prioritize I guess.